Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Speaking of choking....

The alien who took over Dave Bush seems to have vacated his position and the old Dave Bush returned this afternoon, giving up 6 runs in the top of the 1st.

And to be fair, the team as a whole is kind of choking. As I mentioned earlier in the week, if the season were to end now, we'd be playing the Mets in the post-season. Obviously, after these 3 games, that's not something we're ready for.

It seems this team does nothing but wilt under tough pressure. We don't play well when our games are broadcast on national television. We've laid a huge egg twice when we should have made up some room - first the Cubs series at the end of July and now this Mets series. Both these series were at home and if we'd merely have split them...

If we lose today, we'll be 0-7 at home against teams that are playoff-bound.

If it comes down to us losing out at the end of this season, the first two places I think we have to look are this Mets series and the Cubs series in July. Call it a lack of mental toughness, call it a young team, call it mistakes - whatever the name, we've had the chance to solidify our playoff chances and we've been unable to do it.

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