Thursday, September 18, 2008

2009 Schedule released

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This season will start a full week later than last. Our first game is Tuesday, April 7 in San Francisco. At least we won't be subject to Wrigley in 40 degree weather like we did this year.

Home opener is April 10 against the Cubs - that's a three day series over that weekend and is followed by the Reds. Cubs fans + excessively drunk Brewers fans is going to = trouble. Stupid scheduling there.

There's a 10 game series in mid-September to end the home schedule with 3 games with Houston, 3 games with the Cubs and then a four game series against the Phillies at home. We then head to Colorado for 3 and end the season in St. Louis in Oct. 2-4.

*We're home both Memorial Day and Labor Day against St. Louis.
*We'll be hosting the White Sox for interleague, as well as heading to Detroit. We've been to *Detroit a lot in the past few years, so that's a bit surprising.
*The Twins series here is during the week, which is surprising since MN fans will usually travel.
*The two longest road trips are each 9 games - one in April, one in August.
*If we're in contention late again next season, we could have a rough ride. Based on this year's results, we'll be facing tough teams and division opponents. There's 9 against St. Louis, 7 against the Cubs, 4 vs the Phillies (payback?) and 3 against Arizona.

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