Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More on how Aaron Rodgers is the man...

From Kevin Seifert's NFC North Blog on ESPN.com

Rodgers is comfortable enough with the Packers' playbook that he has been able to improvise a touchdown out of a busted alignment on at least one occasion, displaying the instincts and moxie that made Favre so successful.

Early Sunday in Detroit, Rodgers walked to the line of scrimmage and noticed running back Brandon Jackson was lined up on the wrong side of the formation. He looked to the other side and saw tight end Donald Lee in the wrong spot and coming in motion.

The ball was at the Lions' 9-yard line. McCarthy had called a play Rodgers thought would work. The play clock was winding down, so rather than burn a timeout, Rodgers decided to run the play out of the wrong alignment.

As he told the story after the game, Rodgers saw Greg Jennings wide open in the end zone and fired the ball. Fellow receiver James Jones ran in front of Jennings and snagged the ball for the score.

To summarize: Wrong alignment. Unintended receiver. Touchdown. Some might call it lucky, but it stemmed from a cool and well-schooled quarterback making a snap decision you wouldn't expect from a first-year starter.

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