Monday, August 20, 2007

3rd Brewer Block Party

Bill Hall right after answering a fan's question as to whether or not he was married and showing the left hand to prove it. Apologies to the boyfriend, but if Bill bought me earrings anywhere as big as the ones he himself had on, I'd be all over it.... Besides, he's a total cutie. It doesn't come across during games, but his smile lights up the area.

Every time I tried to take a pic of Ryan Braun he was speaking and frankly, this was the only one that was even remotely flattering. Admittedly, he's cuter in person, but not so much so as to justify the mid-to-late 30s woman near me who was ready to shove the police out of the way for a good pic of him.

Jeff Suppan and Geoff Jenkins showing off their laugh lines (and bald spot) *cough,cough* um, I mean, their spry, youthful selves

We stood in Jeff Suppan's line and I have to say I was way impressed. I've always known he had the mom appeal, but he seemed just genuinely nice, even asking the little boy in front of us about the Saturday morning cartoons he'd missed to come see the Brewers and quoting SpongeBob.

Damian Miller was much nicer looking (both "nicer" as in attractive and "nicer" as in attitude) than this picture implies. However, it's the only I seem to have of Damian, so...

Matt Wise reminds me of someone and I absolutely cannot place it and it's driving me nuts. Other than that, you all should be proud of me for the restraint I showed in not saying anything to him.

Geoff Jenkins, looking grayer and more like Brett Favre every day. Also, I refrained from calling him "Junkins." The restraint I showed that day was unprecedented!

Ben Sheets looked the most in need of the Starbucks the guys all walked up carrying. He didn't seem unfriendly, just totally unawake. However, I'm happy to report his Baton Rouge drawl comes across no matter his state of consciousness. (However, I'm confused about having your injured ace sign 100 autographs with his injured finger. Seems not so well thought out...)

And finally, a Polish Sausage on a swing.

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