Monday, December 21, 2009

Poor Jeronne Maymon

From via Trenni's Twitter feed comes some stories about J. Maymon’s father’s over-the-top antics and ridiculous demands and over-involvement in his son’s college career. Everyone saw his outrageous displays by a parent ever. Rumors are that members of the coaching staff told him to cool it and he ignored them and the MU big wigs were not happy.

According to Scout:
So Tim Maymon shows up at the Kohl Center on Saturday night and goes over to the Marquette will call desk to get his tickets. The woman at the desk (who works for the Marquette ticket office) hands him his four tickets. Tim says there must be a mistake because he said he needs a total of 20 tickets and demands his 16 other tickets. The woman tells him that even if she had 20 extra tickets, which she doesn’t, she couldn’t give him 20 tickets because NCAA regulations only allow for tickets per player.

Papa Maymon proceeds to call her names and says he doesn’t care about NCAA regulations and the woman is in tears and someone else has to take over and usher Maymon inside.

Fast-forward to the next morning. I’ll head back to Scout’s recap of the situation:

Marquette had a practice at the Al McGuire Center. As it is beginning, the doors fly open and Tim Maymon and Hennessey Auriantal (J.May’s AAU coach) come walking in. Tim is swearing up a storm again about his son playing the wrong position, not getting the ball, etc.. Buzz calms him down and ushers him out and tells him that they’ll talk after practice. The two of off to either the AD or assistant AD’s office (who has already been briefed on the antics of Saturday night) and tear that guy a new a-hole for an hour.

Finally the AD has enough and walks the two back to practice. He pulls Buzz over in front of the team and says, “Buzz, this had gone on long enough. If it’s ok with you, I’m throwing these guys out of the building and I don’t want to see them ever again.” Buzz says fine and they tell Tim and Hennessey if they don’t leave immediately, campus police will be called and they’ll be arrested for trespassing. Buzz tells Jeronne to shower up and head home – he’s off the team.

Sunday night into Monday, Jeronne calls everyone from Buzz to the assistants to his teammates and is basically in tears saying that he doesn’t want to leave the team.

So basically everyone who assumed that that Papa Maymon was the problem was right and while its good that Buzz finally stood up to him, it’s clear that these problems were happening for quite a while and Buzz let him get away with it.

The Scout piece speculates that since Jeronne was Buzz’s first big recruit, Buzz didn’t want to admit it was a bust and therefore let the thing go on too long.

Either way, it’s too bad that an 18-year old’s life is so dictated by his crazy father.


hawing said...

My limited exposure to Mr. Maymon (via Madison media) led me to suspect he's a nutjob, or at best an extreme "sports dad." In this case, I'm sorry to be right.

David said...

This account on is NOT true. It did not go down like that at all. Tim Maymon didn't make an MU ticket worker cry. Tim Maymon and Hennesy Auriantial didn't storm into an MU practice. MU AD didn't say "enough with these guys, and ask Buzz if it was okay to throw them out." Bogus rumor. From people very well connected to the program...basically all that happened was Tim Maymon wasn't happy with how Jerrone was being used, and said something to the effect of - If you don't use Jerrone "right" and play him as a "3" we are taking him elsewhere. From what insiders say - Buzz basically told Tim Maymon that he was using Jerrone in a way that was best for the team..and that was his Number 1 responsibility as coach. If they (Tim) didn't like it, then he should look for a different opportunity. Basically Buzz didn't cave to Tim Maymon's demands..and Tim told Jerrone, we are out of here. It doesn't sound like Jerrone wanted to leave MU, as much as it was a case of him following his father. A tough spot for an 18 year-old kid to be in.