Monday, December 07, 2009

More on Randy Wolf

The Wolf rumor is gaining steam and the best part of it so far is that Doug Melvin has said that the team doesn't want to get stuck with another Suppan-esque contract, meaning the Brewers are hoping to offer Wolf a two-year deal.

Problem is, Tom H. says it's going to take a three-year deal to sign Wolf. Wolf made $5 million last season, so assume it's going to take more than that each of the next three years. Tom H. also says that Wolf is a "West-Coast guy." That means there will be a Midwest Surchage added to the contract. Looks like $28 or so over three-years.

That's nowhere near as hand-tying as the four-year $43 million dollar contract Suppan got, but it's also very pricey for a somewhat injury-prone 33-year old.

There's no mistaking the Brewers are DESPERATE for starting pitching and everyone, especially the agents, knows it.

While I appreciate that Doug Melvin understands the small window the Brewers have with the current roster of young studs (the departure of JJ is just the tip of the crumbling iceberg), being the desperate girl at the dance never went well for everyone. Aren't they just driving up their own prices?

Sounds like the Brewers will be settling for whomever is out there. I wonder if today's news about the loss of DiFelice has put more pressure on the situation.

I thought it was interesting that Tom H. mentioned that the Brewers/Melvin have to make some moves in order to regain fan interest. This is something I've been saying for awhile and while I think it's legit, I wasn't sure if it was something the team actually worried about.

But in the end, but Melvin and Macha have their own job security to worry about.

EDIT: Just tweeted: Hearing #Brewers closing in on three-year deal with LHP Randy Wolf. Trying to confirm

EDIT 2: Possible hidden bonus to this signing - someone to mentor Manny Parra?

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