Monday, December 21, 2009

More US Women's Hockey

I posted last week that 7 Badgers were named to the US Women’s Olympic Hockey Team, but I never got around to posting the names. Hilary Knight, Meghan Duggan, Jessie Vetter, Erika Lawler, Jinelle Zaugg-Siergiej, Molly Engstrom, and Kerry Weiland will all be representing the Badgers in the red, white and blue.

One Badger, Angie Keseley, didn’t make the final cut.

The US Women played a friendly against Team Canada last weekend and it WASN’T pretty. They were flat and sluggish and just didn’t look good.

We’re super excited to see Team USA play the Lady Badgers at the Kohl Center on January 5th. I know it’s a Tuesday night and that kind of sucks, but if you can find the time in your evening, I highly suggest heading to this game.

Women’s hockey games are just $5 and have general admission seating and the quality of play you should see will far exceed that value.

The bf and I will be driving up and back from Milwaukee that night to see the teams in action.

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