Friday, June 05, 2009

What to do with Manny

According to this article, Ken Macha has said that he hasn't even thought about sending Manny Parra down to triple-A Nashville to try and right the ship.

And while I can appreciate Macha supporting Parra, isn't part of his job to have at least thought about that option? I mean, I understand considering it and dismissing it, but this.... I don't know, isn't it kind of the manager's jon to think of these things?

Parra's further down the Derrick Turnbow Path to Becoming a Certified Headcase than any of us would have anticipated or wanted and something has to be done to keep him from worrying so much about the baserunners.

You'll remember earlier in the season when I yelled at Seth McClung for putzing around with guys on second base and he seems to have figured that out, so let's see if Parra can figure it.
In the same article it says that there seems to be some disagreement about Parra's delivery - "Macha believes that Parra's problems begin with runners on base. The manager would like to see Parra employ a slide-step to help limit the running game and conceded there is a difference of opinion on that point. Parra prefers to lift his front leg in his delivery to the plate."

I'm torn on this - these guys are such creatures of habit and I'm pretty loathe to advocate major changes in the middle of a season. That being said, I feel like if your manager is telling you to do something different and you're struggling as hard as Manny is, you don't really have a choice.

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