Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Seth McClung:

When did you start worrying so much about the guys on the bases? Not only has it severely affected your ability to find the plate, but it’s slowing down the game considerably and really starting piss me off.

Since when are you more concerned with playing mind games with base runners while they dance around second base than you are about locating a pitch anywhere near home plate?

You’re so not that guy. In fact, I think you checked on base-runners more times Sunday night than you did combined last season.

What happened? Did someone give you a complex about inherited runners over the course of the off-season, or what? Do you have a fear of men on second base?

Did you forget that the players on the bases won’t matter if you take care of the guys at the plate?

Do you realize that you’re completely throwing yourself out of balance and single-handedly taking yourself out of the game and are becoming completely ineffective?

Do you know that you’re dragging the game on , making me want to pull my hair out and gouge your eyes out. You make me start to hate baseball and miss Ben Sheets, which is against nature.

Of all the things I thought I’d miss about last season, I never thought it would be anything to do with Sheets – but you make me long for his 2 hour starts.

Please stop ruining baseball. This season is going to be long enough as it is - you don't need to add to the agony.

With sinceritude,


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

maybe he was told to do so if this is something he normally doesn't do.

Your attitude toward a guy who pitched his ass off last season when it counted is terrible.

Maybe you should just watch the game at home on tivo then you can skip through what ever parts you wish.