Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mike Cameron nearing exclusive club

Posting this just because I think it's so awesome.

Mike Cameron is just 4 home runs away from joining the 250 HR/25o SB club, which right now has just 19 members.

With 291 stolen bases, it's actually not out of the realm of possibility that Cam could end up with 300 HR and 300 SB - and that would put him in even more exclusive company. Just six other players in the history of Major League Baseball have reached that plateau. And it's a pretty spectacular list of guys to be named with: Willie Mays, Bobby Bonds, Andre Dawson, Barry Bonds, Steve Finley and Reggie Sanders.

There's a story about this on and it included this great quote from Cam:

"So, for all those people on the road who always tell me I stink, I've got a chance to be one of the best players to ever play the game," Cameron said. "To be one of the 20 greatest players [in terms of home runs and steals], that would be a big compliment. If I didn't play in some of those cavernous places, I'd probably already have it."

There's a special place in the heart of my fandom for Cam. I love what he does in the community, I love what he's done in our clubhouse and I love that he has no problem walking around the lobby at the Brewers Winter Warm Up show, drinking beer and talking to fans.

Good luck, Cam!

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