Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hardy, Hart, dye hair to break out of slump

We all know ballplayers are superstitious, but this is a new one for me - especially from these two...

JJ Hardy and Corey Hart went to the SALON yesterday and had their hair dyed black to try to change their mojo.

I was in the car for the first two innings of the game, so I didn't see any of this to start the game, but about the 4th inning or so I saw the back of Corey's head as he took off his batting helmet in the dugout and I thought, man his hair looks dark, but attributed it to him being in the shadows, because boys (especially country, non-diva boys like Corey) don't really tend to dramatically dye their hair.

I almost expect the Salon move from Braun, but it leads to a pretty entertaining visual of Corey in a NYC salon getting his hair did.

He also had his goatee dyed to match. According to the blog posting on the Journal, Prince thinks tall, lanky Corey looks like Abraham Lincoln.


From Haudricourt's blog on the subject:

New York - There are different ways to "take one" for the team but shortstop J.J. Hardy and rightfielder Corey Hart went above and beyond after a 1-0 loss to the Mets yesterday.

Hardy and Hart, in an effort to "change things up" for themselves and the club, had their hair died jet black. It wasn't a dramatic departure for Hardy, who had brown hair, but the new look was striking for Hart, who normally has blond hair.

Hart even had his beard died black.

"You look like Abraham Lincoln," Prince Fielder told Hart in the clubhouse this morning.

Both players were getting ribbed about their new look but Hardy, who is batting .125, said it was worth trying to change his luck as well as the team's. The Brewers are 3-8.

"They tried talking us out of it (at the salon)," said Hardy. "They said, 'Are you sure?'"

Reliever Todd Coffey died his close-cropped red hair black during spring training but kept his red goatee. Naturally, he approved of the change by Hart and Hardy.

"I think it's outstanding," said Coffey.

If the Brewers win today, look for a mad dash to the hair salon tomorrow by the rest of the team.

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