Monday, June 22, 2009

Rumor Mill: Favre's already signed with Vikings

Report: Rumor of Favre Signing with Vikings
By Nick Iannelli
updated 1 hour, 11 minutes ago

Brett Favre has already signed with the Vikings and the team is waiting for the right time to release the information.

That's according to a report from that attributes the information to unnamed sources, including a member of the military serving in Afghanistan.

The report states the officer contacted the site to say that Minnesota already has signed Favre, and has also green-lighted the production of Reebok Vikings jerseys that bear the number 4.

Website officials say after getting this news, they contacted a reliable source who told them they couldn't confirm it, but also couldn't deny the reports.

The report is the latest rumor after Favre's appearance on the new HBO show "Joe Buck Live," in which he admitted working out with Vikings trainers and said "we" when referring to his dealings with the team.

According to the Pioneer Press, Favre's agent, Bus Cook, denied the report in an email.

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