Tuesday, February 07, 2006

obligatory posting

I've spent the past two days thinking that I should put something up here and coming up blank, so I've spared you all some useless obligation post. Until now. Now you get the I'm sorry I'm so boring post.

Mostly, I haven't watched, read or otherwise interacted with anything I've felt like sharing. Sure, I watched the Super Bowl, but there was little involved there that I even felt the need to comment about. Besides others far more and many many less qualified than I have spent hours dissecting the thing.

Case in point. This is a write up on the Super Bowl from the UK. How is it that people who write like this have jobs, in cooler places than Milwaukee nonetheless, and I sit here pathetically unemployed. I watched the damn game and I still don't know what this recap says.

I caught some of the UNC - Duke game and I think it's shameful that UNC let that game get away from them. They had it and I like Duke Bball as much as I like USC football.

I just .. I'm so bored with myself that I don't really have anything to post. I have friends calling and they're the most pathetic conversations because I don't have anything to say. I need to get a life, pronto! The job interview went well and I'm very excited about the position, but I was told this could take til the end of the month to decide. Do I keep applying for other jobs? What if something comes up and I'm forced to choose? I can't really financially afford to wait til the end of the month, but no other jobs that have come up are appealing to me. I really want to see what happens with this one. I'd be willing to suck it up and go out and get some crappy retail job in the meantime, but I can't in good conscious go somewhere for like 3 weeks, if this job does pan out.

So yeah, I'm going to try and stop being such a downer and find things to entertain. Because even I dont' want to read this thing anymore.


nico said...

That BBC Super Bowl write up is dreadful. I might write like crap, but I'm not employed by the BBC.

Newspaper Hack said...

Yeah. That's the Worst.Recap.Ever.

Nicole said...

Depressing, isn't it?