Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not a bad idea

Over at We Call it Soccer, they have an idea to spread The Beautiful Game to not-in-the-know Americans.

Free Beer.

Check out the theory here.


Todd Jones said...

i've always had a theory that if i actually started watching soccer i'd get into it. i used to hate basketball, but only because i didn't really understand how the game was played and the different strategies like i did with football, but once i started watching it and understanding what was going on i started enjoying it. the same would probably happen with soccer, but i'm just too lazy and don't already have a team to root for to take enough interest in the game to learn about it. but throw in free beer, and i might...

Newspaper Hack said...

My dad got into hockey because at Birmingham Bulls games back in the '70s, for just a couple bucks, you could get a milk carton full of beer. He and his friend used to watch "old time hockey" while getting hammered. And he didn't even get carded until his birthday. Man, I wish I lived in the '70s, polyester be damned.