Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Suppan named Brewers' 5th starter

Using the excuse that his career track record outweighs his poor pre-season performance, Jeff Suppan has been named the Brewers’ 5th starter today. He will do a rehab assignment on Friday in Appleton with the Timber Rattlers and is likely to pitch Wednesday at Chicago, say Haudricourt and McCalvy.

In his comments on the move, manager Ken Macha seemed to say a lot without saying anything. He denied that salary was an issue and admitted that Chris Narveson had the bet spring, but appeared to use the small sample size argument.

This is all apparently based on how Suppan performs in single-A on Friday, I suppose giving everyone an out if he totally tanks and they can blame it on his “neck injury.”

In response to a question about keeping Parra and Narveson stretched out, Macha said he plans on using them in long relief and that they’re not single inning guys.

Of course, by assuming you’ll need long relief is assuming that multiple of your starters will fail miserably.

I think most people felt this was inevitable though they didn’t want to admit it. But I’m not thrilled that Suppan’s debut will be at Wrigley Field. His last outing was rife with long fly ball outs and homeruns. That’s only going to be amplified with the early spring, windy conditions we’ve been experiencing here along the lake.

That’s a combination just asking for trouble.

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