Thursday, April 29, 2010

More excited than I should be about this

ESPN announced the Juergen Klinsman will be one of their analysts for the World Cup this summer.

In general, soccer announcers and analysts here in the states are sub-par. Former players are trotted through a revolving door and ESPN has had a hard time finding one who's not only articulate, but able to provide insight.

Klinsman won the 1990 WC with Germany and coached the team in 2006's tournament. Having his experience on both sides of the touch line should lend itself well to commentating on the action.

But I got even more excited when I saw this quote on

"What I can bring to the table in analyzing games and talking is to make people understand what goes on on a soccer field actually reflects a nation," he said. "I'd like to tell people why they're playing a certain way, what's in the back of their mind. It all goes back to roots of where they grew up and how they identify with their own nation.

"I think I can add quite a bit to certain background information. How you read games, how you explain certain things that happen because of the backgrounds people have."

He's light years ahead of many of the announcers in realizing not only that the analysis has been lacking but also what needs to be added.

I was already excited for the tournament to start, especially considering how poorly the Brewers season has started, but this just makes it so much better.

Let the countdown again.

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