Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Badger Hockey Frozen Four Links

Andy Baggot's preview of tomorrow's game for the Capital Times's Wisconsin preview

A USCHO article highlighting Blake Geoffrion and his decision to play his senior year at Wisconsin

Inside College Hockey (INCH) named Blake their Player of the Year

INCH also named Brendan Smith their Defenseman of the Year

Here's the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's coverage comparing this year's team to past UW National Champions

This bit from the New York Times blog matches each of the Frozen Four squads to a Final Four basketball team for some interesting parallels.

INCH's interview with goalkeeper Scott Gudmandson

This article from
talks about ice conditions and there's a funny video on the side bar about the mustaches.

The Detroit Free Press sponsored a live chat, taking on all kinds of topics about each team.

Here's on campus coverage from the Daily Cardinal.

This article from breaks down the Badgers in two sentences:

Wisconsin is known to play a hard-nosed, physical, in-your-face style of hockey. As long as the Babdgers [sic] can maintain a disciplined game and keep penalties to a minimum, they pose a brutally tough challenge to any opponent.

USCHO had blog points throughout today's media day at the Frozen Four:

This one points out that the Badgers are undefeated on football fields - which they'll be playing on again in Detroit

This one is my favorite and needs to be posted in its entirety:

Today’s Wisconsin press conference got off to a rollicking start when the Badgers were told that they’d have a tough act to follow since the RIT players had been very entertaining.

Blake Geoffrion showed that his quick releases aren’t restricted to wrist shots.

“We’re better looking,” he fired back.

This one points out that the first game for this team's seniors was the game where the 2006 National Championship banner was raised.

This one talks about how Badger hockey teams have played in two previous Frozen Fours in Detroit in 1977 and 1990 - and they both won National Championship

This one has quotes from Mike Eaves about the long break between the regional championships and the Final Four.

This one talks about how the team is dealing with being heavy favorites and how they're handling the pressure.

Lastly, here's video of Blake Geoffrion and Ryan McDonagh from their presser:

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