Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trivia answers

Which Brewers player has won the most Gold Glove Awards?

First baseman George Scott, with five, from 1972-1976

Name the mustached master of the mound who, in 1981, became the first reliever to earn both the AL Most Valuable Player Award and AL Cy Young Award.

Rollie Fingers

What years did Hank Aaron play for the Brewers?Which Brewers All-Star became the first 30-30 man in the American League, hitting 31 home runs and stealing 38 bases in a single season?

1975 and 1976

Which Brewers player became the first to lead the American League in homers, when he batted 45?

Center fielder Gorman Thomas, in 1979. George Scott’s 36 homers in 1975 tied him for the American League lead with Oakland’s Reggie Jackson.

Many baseball fans know that "Bud" Selig was a primary figure in bringing back baseball to Milwaukee. Name Selig's partner.

Milwaukee businessman Edmund B. Fitzgerald

This pitcher had a career year in 1973, when he became the first Brewers player to post 20 wins - the only time in his career he reached this milestone. Name him.

Jim Colburn

The only Brewers player to win two MVP Awards, this versatile HOF'er did so at two difference positions. Name the player and the positions he was playing when he won his MVP Awards.

Robin Yount, shortstop (1982) and center field (1989)

Following the 1980 season, the Brewres completed a trade with St. Louis, giving up four players in exchange for two future Cy Young Award winners, Rollie Fingers and Pete Vuckovich. Can you name the players Milwaukee sent south to the Cardinals?

Dave LaPoint, Lary Sorensen, David Green, Sixto Lezcano

For four straight years, this pitcher led the Brewers in wins, including a 20-win season in 1986. Name this Mexican native who spent his entire 9-year career with Milwaukee.

Teddy Higuera

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