Friday, July 10, 2009

All Star Game, the weekend and gratitude

Watching the Home Run Derby? How about the All Star Game? Make sure you check in with me and the rest of the Ladies… on both Monday and Tuesday for fun, snark, drinking and live blogging.

Our blog host doesn’t allow for the software, so we’ll be using CoverIt Live and we’ll set up a link each night which we’ll post at, so come join us. You’ll be able to join the conversation, make fun of us and generally enjoy our sparkling personalities! Sounds like good times!

Plus, you’ll be able to make fun of me all night on Tuesday for spending my birthday live blogging. Because I’m a NERD!

Have a safe, happy weekend everyone. If you’re in Milwaukee, go have some crepes and wine at Bastille Days and make sure you pet some Basset Hounds at the Basset Buddies tent.

If you’re in the Appleton area tonight, Dave Bush is making a rehab start with the TimberRattlers.

I highly recommend attending a TRats game, no matter where you are in the state. We’ve driven up twice from Milwaukee and it couldn’t have gone smoother. The stadium is beautiful, and it’s an all around great experience, especially if you have kids.

I had a death in the family over the last weekend and the funeral on Wednesday, so I’m sorry for the blackout this week, but we had other priorities. Thanks for being patient.

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Ross said...


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