Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Saturday EVER!

Best Saturday baseball experience ever. Ate lunch late so didn't eat dinner before the 6pm Brewers game and it was too hot to eat at the game, so we decide to go to the QDoba near my house after the game.

Let me set the stage a little. We are season seat holders and our old ticket rep is gone, so they invited us to go meet the new guy tonight before the game, which we did, thinking its never bad for him to know who you are. As we're leaving, he offers us a JJ Hardy or Ryan Braun bobblehead. I hem and haw for a minute, because I already have an extra of this year's Braun and I'm trying to decided which of the other two would be better trade bait and as I'm doing that he points out that it's last year's Braun, so we take that one.

As we're about to walk into dinner, I upload the bobble and my big camera and case and our scorebook from my bag.

20 minutes later, in walks Ryan Braun.

Here I am, without my camera and with his bobble in the car. I immediately go out to grab them and come back inside. Except I forgot my camera. So I go back outside. I the meantime, he's walked right past our table and my bf gets a picture of him and then with him.

By this point, they're eating, so I do not disturb, but sit down to wait it out. Now, not only have I left and come back twice, but I now have to explain to him why I just so happen to have his bobble in my purse (STALKER!) It was a little awkward, but in the end, I explained how I got it and now I have a signed bobble and the bf has a picture. The bf is wearing a Braun jersey, but didn't ask to have it signed because he had already asked for the picture and wasn't trying to be greedy.

But yeah, good times. I love how crazy I must have seemed to have this bobble just so happen to be on me, but either way, cool times.

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geoffrey t pan said...

where's the picture?