Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sveum says no more small ball

A co-worker of mine was babbling about this yesterday and frankly I tuned him out because he's one of those guys who thinks he could coach the Packers, Badgers and Brewers and still get a good night's sleep.

He was very upset that the Brewers were moving away from small ball because he thinks it's what got us here and he sounded very much like Bill Schroeder when Bill gets on one of his rants about the need for fundamentals.

For or against small ball, I really appreciate that Sveum realizes that we're going to need every out at our disposal and says he won't give up any of those, even if it means not moving a guy to the next base. I also like the subtle backing of confidence that Sveum's telling everyone he has in this team. By eschewing small ball, he's saying he believes the Brewers won't need to bunt guys into scoring position - we'll get them home withthe power we've shown all season.

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