Friday, June 27, 2008

Bucks draft WVU's Joe Alexander

Once again, I know nothing, so if you want the dirt, this isn't the place to come for NBA info, but I did see this link (in the ticker of today's UniWatch entry) and thought it was funny:

Honestly, the plan was to take a break from Joe Alexander and it seemed entirely possible. Sometimes there’s such a thing as too much.

Then again, WVU hasn’t had an NBA first-round pick since 1968, a draft pick since 1997 and a player since … jeez, Lowes Moore in 1983?

Yeah, this is a big deal.

In addition, there isn’t a whole lot else going on and, to be quite honest, Alexander gives us way to much material. Take his typically entertaining chat at yesterday as an example.

Dave (Morgantown):What number do you plan on wearing in the NBA? Is there a reason you chose #11 at WVU?

Joe Alexander: I chose 11 because it was a number I wore in middle school. I’m going to wear 11 if I can. If not, I have some serious thinking to do about whether I really want to play in this league.

Well, Joe might have a problem.

Three NBA teams have already retired the number.

It’s highly unlikely he slips to Detroit at No. 29 and no matter what he did to the CBA and the New York Knicks, Isiah Thomas’ number isn’t coming down from the rafters.

Alexander probably won’t make it to the Wizards at No. 18, either, though he did work out there and, who know, perhaps there’s a trade a conflict with the retired 11 of Elvin Hayes.

The real issue is at No. 12 with the Sacramento Kings, for whom Alexander said he had his best workout. The retired 11 belongs to Bob Davies.

There remains a possibility Alexander would go as high as No. 6 to the Knicks, but guard Jamal Crawford has worn 11 for them the past four seasons. Even worse, he went to Michigan, though he always seems to be on the trading block.

The Clippers, who have seemingly no interest in Alexander, go next and have no 11 on their roster.

The Bucks, who seem most likely to draft Alexander at No, 8, have no one wearing 11.

Earl Boykins wears 11 for the Bobcats, which doesn’t seem like a very, um, big deal. Not because he’s 5-foot-5 but because he’s a free agent.

The Nets pick 10th and have no one wearing 11.

Following Sacramento are the Portland Trail Blazers, whose 11 is talented guard Sergio Rodriguez. If Alexander goes here, take a deep breath because the Blazers may very well trade whoever they take if they don’t trade the pick before making it.

Alexander’s agent, Doug Neustadt, assures everyone Alexander is a lottery pick, which means he won’t slip past 14. That’d be fine because that’s where the 11-less Golden State Warriors pick.

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