Monday, June 23, 2008

Brewers national media attention

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From FoxSports: If there's a more surprising story in the NL right now than the emergence of right-hander Seth McClung as a viable starter in the Brewers rotation, it must be a good one.


Buster Olney over at ESPN ranks the Brewers first in the sweepstakes for C.C. Sabathia. Again, it's Insider, so I'll post the relevant text (Bolding mine):

I had one of those I-wish-I-had-said-that moments after posting the
rankings for the pre-C.C. Sabathia Sweepstakes the other day. So I'll
flush out the thought today. (And to reiterate -- this is all just
speculation and tea-leaf reading, and has all the value of college
basketball rankings on Sept. 15).

There are two factors in play, and the No. 1 factor is this: Who is
most motivated to make a deal for Sabathia, who has been excellent
since his slow start, posting a 2.16 ERA?

And No. 2: Who has the caliber of prospects needed to make a deal for Sabathia?

(To be clear, Sabathia is not yet out on the market, some rival GMs
say, but there may soon be a day when he will be. The Indians are 6½
games out of first, after dropping the final game of a series against
the Dodgers).

The Cubs would rank first in motivation, given the 100-year thing;
they'd love to have Sabathia, he would be perfect for them, and he and
a healthy Carlos Zambrano could match up against any duo from any
contender in the National League. The rest of the motivation rankings
might go something like this, given the current standings: Brewers,
Dodgers, Phillies, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, etc.

And the Cubs run into some serious problems, according to rival talent
evaluators, in the ranking of prospective offers; they don't have the
kind of high-end talent that might be needed to pry Sabathia away from
Cleveland, although they probably could go all-in with their best
pieces and fashion an acceptable offer.

All things being equal, this might be how the possible suitors line up
in this category: Red Sox, Rays, Dodgers, Yankees, Brewers, Rangers,
Phillies, Cubs, etc.

Boston, Tampa Bay and the Yankees could theoretically put together
some very sweet offers for Sabathia, but it really is unclear how
aggressive they will be; if they got aggressive, they'd probably have
an enormous advantage. The same goes for the Dodgers, even though
other teams view L.A. as the ultimate tease -- they often hint that
they'll talk about giving up their best prospects, but in the end,
they never do.

The Brewers are motivated to try to win now, because they're playing
great -- they're 18-7 over the last four weeks, they're clubbing
homers all over the place, they have a clear need in their rotation,
and owner Mark Attanasio wants to win now, according to some who work
for him. And at a time when the Indians need to bolster their cupboard
at the top levels of their farm system, Milwaukee has major-league
ready prospects playing for their exceptional Double-A team.

This is how I came up with the early Sabathia Sweepstakes rankings the
other day: 1. Milwaukee; 2. Cubs; 3. Dodgers; 4. Rangers; 5. Red Sox.

If Boston suffers any kind of a significant pitching injury to one of
its mainstays, of course, that could change everything.

The Rays' pitching help might come from within, given that No. 1 pick
David Price continues to climb the ladder, after dominating high


From the NYTimes Baseball blog: Branyan may be this year's Cust

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