Friday, March 12, 2010

Sportswriter LOVES Brewers

Keith Law is at the Brewers Spring Training game today and has been looking forward to the opportunity since last night and today has apparently not disappointed. Let’s take a look at his tweets from the past day and a half.

“Sometimes in Spring Training, I look at the next day’s probably pitchers and I want to light myself on fire.”

“I mean, tomorrow, I might go see…Doug Davis. Really? I’m “scouting” Doug Davis? Where the heck did I put those matches?”

“I need a new pitcher. Or a beer.”

“’Carlos Gomez’ is a Spanish phrase meaning ‘Willie Mays Hayes.’”

“Claudio Vargas? Seriously, I should’ve just asked for the beer.”

Clearly Keith is really high on the Brewers. Not sure what they did to piss him off so much, but I haven’t seen anywhere near this kind of vitriol for anyone else this Spring Training. Apparently he is not impressed.

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Meiz said...

I'm thinking about harassing Keith Law now