Thursday, March 25, 2010

Badger fans and Mustaches Unite!

The Badger men’s hockey team went with the unconventional playoff mustaches in lieu of playoff beards this year.

This article from talks about how the guys know they’re “cheesy” and compares notes on who’s got the best stache growing so far. The reasoning behind the ‘staches instead of beards? The beards haven’t worked over the past few seasons, so they changed it up.

If you’re not following Blake Geoffrion’s twitter account, you should be. Not only has he taken time to answer fans’ questions, but he’s provided some spectacular pictures of his teammates’ post-season looks.

Cody Goloubef Aaron Bendickson JohnMitchell and Michael Davies
The pics inspired me, as they should all Badger fans. What better way to support the hockey team then to sport some ‘staches of our own?

Heading to the Regionals in St Paul? Sport a ‘stache.

Watching the game at home? Sport a ‘stache.

I’ll be heading to a costume shop after work to pick up some mustaches. If you do the same, please post links to the pictures in the comments.

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