Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rickie Weeks, Carlos Gomez avoid arbitration

Rickie Weeks received a $300,000 dollar raise when he signed a one-year, $2.75 million contract today to avoid arbitration, according to Tom Haudricourt.

Carlos Gomez also signed a one-year contract, but the terms have not yet been released.

Jody Gerut signed a one year, $2 million contract yesterday to avoid arby.

That leaves Dave Bush, Corey Hart, Carlos Villanueva and Todd Coffey as the only arbitration-eligible players the Brewers have left.

By the way, it usually happens that the player submits a figure they think they're worth, usually a little on the high side. The club submits a figure they want to pay, usually on the low side. They tend to split the difference and that's what the player is paid.

Jody Gerut made $1.775 last season and signed for $2 million this season. If they met in the middle, it's pretty obvious the Brewers offered him less than he made last season. Wonder if that will effect his play/attitude. (idea via BrewCrewBall)

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