Friday, January 01, 2010

Live blogging the day

I'm not going to upload live blogging software, but I will be using this post a bit like Twitter, without all the annoyance of my tweeting 1800 things today!

*Kind of football'd out. This Rose Bowl game just isn't keeping my interest.

*Will there ever be an end to Brent Musberger's attempt to sound smart by being overly verbose?

*This picture of Brandon Jennings was on the front page of along with this tag line: Downsizing often has negative implications, but in the NBA it has been an end-of-the-decade breath of fresh air.

*there was some nap time in there - thus the pause

*three former #Badgers make the Us Men's Olympic team! Congratulations Brian Rafalski, Joe Pavelski and Ryan Suter. Madison native Phil Kessel also made it.

*LSU/PSU playing in soup. so much for game plans. Plus there's already been a Brandon "LaFell" pun.

*Turf in Orlando was questionable three days ago when Wisconsin played there. Add a few days of rain and it's positively tore up and soupy. Punt just died in a spray of water and turf.

*Northwestern QB just threw his 2nd INT in the endzone. Way to kill yourself, Wildcats. Apparently he had 7 INTs all season and 3 today, though one wasn't his fault.

*Hey, this is pretty cool. I just found this on UniWatch of all places. Apparently Packer's Coach Mike McCarthy's red challenge flag has a message written on it in sharpie. The piece is some detective work by the Green Bay newspaper's photog who got the pics in the first place. The consensus seems to be its a message from McCarthy's wife. It's a mystery so far and the answer does not appear to be "ask the coach what it says and why."

*Did you know that on January 1st, 1937 the first Cotton Bowl was played in Dallas? Texas Christian University (T.C.U.) beat Marquette, 16-6.

*Really just waiting for the Northwestern/Auburn game to end - really want to watch LSU/PSU. Interesting fact from Les Miles' Twitter feed: LSU will be after its 100th win this decade when they face Penn St LSU is tied w/ Florida for most wins in the SEC this decade

*Auburn's QB throwing some floating, wobbling ducks here at the Outback.

*They just put up a graphic about Texas Tech's bowl. Texas Tech has the Leach debacle and Michigan State has 11 players suspended from an on-campus fight. What a winner of a game. NCAA must love PR games like that.

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