Thursday, November 05, 2009

The dumb Yankee fans are everywhere

Last night I attended an AHL hockey game that took place at the same time as Game 6 of the World Series.

Sure, NHL great Chris Chelios was playing on the opposing team, but it was a Wednesday night and there probably weren’t 2,000 people there (I’m awful at estimating numbers, FYI).

And amongst those few apparently hard-core hockey fans, I saw at least a half-dozen New York Yankees hats.

You know the Yankees - that baseball team that won the World Series last night?

These hat wearers were such devout Yankee fans that they not only left the house while their team was playing for a World Championship, but they went to minor-league hockey game instead.

This is why people hate the Yankees.

Because on the opposite side of the spectrum from the loud, self-important fan who barks his “Yankee Pride” far and wide are the “fans” who didn’t really know who this Matsui guy was until they read the internet this morning, buy pinstripe jerseys with a name on the back (the Yankees only have numbers on the back of their jerseys) and generally are “fans” of the biggest team because it’s the only one they can name and they think it’s cool.

Sure, there are half-assed, casual fans of every team in their hometown/state. But you don’t spot a guy walking around Chicago in San Francisco gear while his team is playing in the World Series. There aren’t half-assed Giants fans like that out there.

This drives me nuts. If you like a team enough to fork over the cash for the gear, you don’t skip the teams’ World Series games. Hell, I hate the Yankees, but even I was popping into the hallway and check my phone to keep up on the score. Because it’s the World effin’ Series.

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