Monday, August 03, 2009

Yoga with a Baseball Player? Groundskeeper for a Day?

This is a super-interesting article about how teams are finding new and different ways to bring in money - though at least half of the ideas featured had their proceeds going to charity, so I'm not certain the writer got enough focus going.

Being an LA Times piece, it focuses on the Dodgers. There's an extensive look at a promotion the Dodgers did where participants payed $100 to do a yoga session with Andre Ethier on the field at Dodger Stadium, but also mentions $170,000 raised on three seperate nights where fans could take BP under the lights at Dodger Stadium and a fishing trip with two Dodgers pitchers.

A few other teams' ideas are mentioned - The Detroit Tigers are allowing people to pay to be groundskeeper for a day and multiple teams across all sports genres are promoting cruises with players.

Brewers VP of Communications Tyler Barnes is quoted and the Brewers' drive-in movie nights are specifically mentioned. Though no specific amount was released, the article said the first weekend of movies in July brought in over $8,000.

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