Sunday, August 09, 2009

State Fair today, family bday party tom, Brewer game Tues, Phantom of the Opera Wed, Irish Fest Fri, old time baseball and Brewers Sat, TRats Sun.


hawing said...

Is that Old World Wisconsin base ball on Saturday? That's part of my employer!

Nicole said...

I'm not sure where it is. It says there's a tournament and it says Big Bend, but I also say there are games at Wade House and Old World Wisconsin. We've been planning on going forever and have never made it. We probably won't do OWW because it's more expensive than some of the other sites.

hawing said...

Yeah, OWW is the priciest because it has the most stuff. If we were related, I'd treat you because I can get my family in for free.

On the down're at Tuesday's game. :(