Friday, May 07, 2010

Spoiled baseball fan

The Brewers are neither completely sucking nor riding the high tide, and I feel like there's nothing to write about. Sad, isn't it? If there are few things to cheer or few things to whine about, I'm stuck. Rough spot to be in, the Astros fans sarcastically say to me. I know it, I'm spoiled.

The best thing over the past few days?

Jeff Suppan didn't suck. He came in in relief in tonight's game and threw two scoreless innings, giving up one walk while notching one strikeout. Be aware - the apocalypse may be neigh.

But there has been some good:

While he was slumping to start the season, Gregg Zaun was on a lot of fan's Do Not Want lists, but his bat has heated up every since. Though he started 0-21, he is now batting .367 (18-49) during a five-game hitting streak. He was responsible for two of the three RBI tonight. Despite that awful beginning, he's hitting .270 - better than every regular starter but Braun and McGehee.

The bad? Despite getting out of it with no runs scored, Claudio Vargas once again struggled and loaded the bases with no outs. While he does seem to find a way out of these jams, that luck's only going to hold out so long.

With Trevor Hoffman's struggles at closer, some fans were calling for LaTroy Hawkins to take the closer's role. At the time Trevor gave up the two saves, Hawkins was just one decent appearance removed from his own pitching problems. Tonight, we were reminded why LaTroy wouldn't have been an upgrade. He, too, loaded the bases, but unlike Vargas, he gave up a game-winning, walk-off Grand Slam.

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