Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's almost hockey season

Do you have your tickets for opening weekend? Because it's just a few weeks away and single game tickets went on sale not too long ago.

Make sure you're on top of who's playing for both the men's and the women's teams through the 60minutes blog. They're doing profiles of every player for both teams and it's must read info to be prepared for the season.

Don't forget about the Badger Hockey Classic - last I heard, ticket sales weren't what everyone had hoped they'd be. UW is trying to break the attendance record for an outdoor hockey game - don't be the reason they fall short.
Sure, it's outdoors, but it is February (edit). Average temperature in Madison at that time is about 25 degrees. It'll be cold, but not unmanageable. Buy a Badger licensed snuggie and get yourself to this game. It was just announced that the women's game is starting at 2pm with the men's game following at 5pm. That leaves plenty of time to tailgate and consume lots of liquid warmth.

Lastly, the women's team will be hosting the US Olympic Team on January 5th. I know it's a Tuesday night, but this is DON'T MISS for anyone that's a fan of hockey. Should be some of the highest caliber of women's hockey to ever hit the ice.


Eric said...

FYI, the Badger Hockey Classic is February 6, not November.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the heads up on my brain fart! I fixed it.