Thursday, December 04, 2008

I will miss you, 3TO

My favorite Brewer, Russell Branyan, was stolen away by that defecter Jack Zduriencik yesterday. story here.

Branyan, who for a few weeks this summer seemed to single-handedly carry the Brewers this summer, has been with, now, 12 MLB teams. For a stretch of 30 days or so in late June/early July, he had 11 home runs and an OPS of over 1.2.

He also is responsible for my favorite losing-game-moment at MP this past season. Sitting in the left field bleachers in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Twins, we're desperate for runs and the BF and I are laughing that "the Muscle" has to be the guy here. Of course, he comes up to bat and we're still talking stupid. Then Russell hits a pinch-hit 2 run HR to send the game to extra innings. The place went absolutely nuts. The Twins fans near us thought it was just as funny as we did.

You cannot stop The Muscle.

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Gregor said...

Heh, I was at the same game with my parents. That was the loudest I'd ever heard Miller Park.