Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What are they saying about Aaron Rodgers' debut?

SI.com says Aaron Rodgers looked solid in his preseason debut. The game plan called for several quick slants and out routes, and Rodgers made the throws. He also connected on a few strong third down passes; two to Donald Driver particularly stood out. ... they also noted: Wideout James Jones had a great night, and not just because of his sensational touchdown. I mean, did anyone else notice how often Rodgers targeted him? It's no coincidence that Jones and Rodgers spent a lot of time working together on the Pack's second-team offense the past couple of seasons. Jones could be worth a late flyer in fantasy drafts.

The same page notes what we all knew: Aaron Rodgers is damned no matter what:

A final thought on Rodgers: Has there ever been a player under more pressure in the history of the NFL? It's tough to come up with a worthy comparison -- Steve Young replacing Joe Montana? Brian Griese supplanting John Elway? Certainly no player has had to step in for a legend after a wildly publicized un-retirement and resulting media firestorm. This will be the first time the Packers have had a new QB under center since 1992, and despite his nice preseason debut, it's hard to envision Rodgers having much more than a mediocre season. I list him outside the Top 12 fantasy quarterbacks, making him a backup in most leagues.

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