Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prince Fielder: Vegetarian?

As odd as that sentence sounds (say it over and over again, it doesn't get any less strange) - according to this morning's Journal-Sentinel, Prince Fielder has indeed gone off the meat.

Apparently his wife is to blame, as she gave him a book detailing life in a meat slaughterhouse. Prince was so disgusted that he said he couldn't imagine eating meat again.

The whole story is here.

While this seems a little strange, it could be a boon in disguise. Prince is a big dude at a young age and anything to help him be healthy is a positive.

But don't worry, his wife says that if his power slumps at all, she'll make him a big steak.


Anonymous said...

Your review of Prince Fielder becoming a vegetarian is despicable. The man is a compassionate person and actually cares about animals enough to give up eating meat. The rearing and slaughter of animals is extremely cruel. The fact that you think it is "strange" that he is becoming a vegetarian shows your bias and ignorance of the purpose for his shift. You should be commending him but typical of people who eat meat, there is a threatened response and a rebellion. If the man wants to better himself and decide not contribute to the cruelty of animals, why can't that be a good thing? You might want to check out how beneficial vegetarianism is to the environment as well if you don't care at all about the plight of animals. Farm animals have feelings too, like our pets - they are all animals. If you can love a cat or a dog and realize they have feelings and get hurt (physically and emotionally) then there is no reason why someone reasonable cannot see that we should extend our kindness to all of them.

Nicole said...

Whoa there cowboy, pull back on the reins. I made no editorial remarks about the man becoming a vegetarian.

In fact, I noted that it would help him to become more healthy.

Before you jumped off the deep end and completely tore into me, you might have thought about the fact that it is indeed strange for a 300 pound professional athlete to suddenly become a vegetarian.

I DID NOT say being a vegetarian was strange.

Strange = unusual, out of the ordinary, differing from the norm

Surely you can see that it is "all of those synonyms for strange" for a man who clearly enjoys his food and who is dependent on his body for a living to make a very abrupt change in his lifestyle.

If you truly want to teach people about the positives about vegetarianism, you might want to stop being so combative and stop jumping down people's throats.

At no point was what I wrote a review, as you termed it, nor was it an attack on vegetarianism or those who choose to live that lifestyle.

Your completely unwarranted attack and argumentative, aggressive assault do little to prove anything about your point or further your cause of saving animals.

You read an awful lot into the use of one word and decided that I was despicable based on your own (incorrect) assumptions.

As someone who is surely discriminated against and judged for their life choices, you'd think you'd not be so quick to judge me based on the use of literally one word - which you took in the context that most suited your desire to rant and chastise me. Anonymously, I might add.

Captain Awesome said...

Not sure if you'll ever see this, but I don't agree with Anonymous vegetarian's point of view. I find that the higher an animal is on the evolutionary scale, the more delicious it is. Think about it: cow > chicken > fish > insect. Besides, humans evolved to be omnivores. Why do you think you have canine teeth? Are they for tearing that pesky asparagus flesh? No. So Anonymous, if that is your real name (I know it's not, I'm just being funny), don't fly off the handle at people who eat meat. I could say that your reaction is typical of militant vegetarians just as easy as you can say that Nicole's comments are typical of meat-eating people. By the way, Nicole, if you're ever bored, just hop on over to my blog: We try to keep it as entertaining as possible.