Friday, December 01, 2006

Go bama?

So I'm driving home from work earlier this week and it's pouring rain. I'm heading right into downtown and get cut off by this monstrosity of a big white conversion van. An ugly, ugly vehicle. I'm about to beep at this guy when I realize there are big, sparkly gothic style letters in his back back window that say "ROLL TIDE"

Stay classy, Alabama


Anonymous said...

Well I live in Birmingham, Alabama and am a Bama fan. I get cut off by Bama fans all the time. As for the conversvion van, we don't all drive those you know. Most of us actually have nice homes and cars. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. How you doing Nicole?

Nicole said...

Whoa there anonymous, the c. van had Wisconsin plates. I wasn't commenting on Bamers and c. vans, just that it was funny to see a conversion van with some ghetto bangin' Bama flava.

I can't hate on Bama. My only readers come from Bama!

Anonymous said...

We prefer to call it "ghetto flava."