Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Cardinals drama

Tensions have been high between the Brewers and Cardinals for 2 seasons now and I think most of us can't really understand why. The Cards really aren't our biggest rival and until this year, the Cards really haven't had anything to fear from us.

Then you read things like this:

* One more thing: I don’t understand the Brewers. I just don’t. Really, I admire that team and its talent. Doug Melvin is one of the best guys in the game and an excellent GM. There are so many good players on that roster. But why do the Brewers always have to pull stunts? Why do they have to go knucklehead on us so often? What’s up with yanking their shirts out of their pants on the field as soon as they win a game, which, despite what they claim, really is an insult to the other team? What’s up with some of the showboat HR trots? What’s up with a journeyman like Villanueva gesturing wildly and cursing in the direction of the STL dugout? I don’t understand why this talented team feels that it needs to act up like NBA bad boy Ron Artest, or something. I don’t understand why this Milwaukee team feels the need to be controversial. I don’t understand the arrogance, considering that the Brewers have won NOTHING since 1982. And I don’t understand how Yost continues to allow it to happen. The Brewers will probably make the playoffs. They are that good. But we must ask: can you fellas at least hold off on the showboating until you actually win something?

That comes from this blog over at written by a St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer- read the whole thing.

First, let's address the completely wrong statement about Carlos Villanueva being a journeyman. He's been traded once - when he was a single-A player - and he's been with us ever since. So right off the bat, this guy loses some credibility.

Now let's look at the shirt untucking. A different blog on the SAME WEBSITE, this one called Bird Land, posted just two days ago about the shirt-untucking. Some quotes:

The untucking of the jerseys has become a bit of a Brewer signature...

And while it’s garnered different reactions around baseball — “It’s not something the Cardinals would do, I don’t think,” said one Cardinals pitcher — the practice may have more profound roots than its celebratory cousins, be it the elbow bash, the bob and weave or the Lambeau Leap.

More than a fashion flair of victory, it’s a show of respect to a player’s father.
It’s only a matter of time before this untucking catches on. Fans doing it in the stands will be first. And is there anything wrong with that? Chad Johnson can have props waiting for him in the end zone and that’s great theater. Sluggers strike poses as their home runs clear the wall, others point to the sky in praise and still more have elaborate hand shakes and patty-cakes to celebrate. The Rams had their bob-and-weave choreography after the Greatest Show’s TDs. Wasn’t it the Detroit Tigers who had their mosh-pit moments as players jumped and body-checked each other after wins?

Guess a little Ickey Woods never hurt anyone. Maybe the Cardinals should adopt a touch of flair. Maybe they already have. Just think, after a win Yadier Molina unclips his kneepads, shakes free of his chest protector and leaves them stacked neatly at home plate.

Never say it!!! The Cardinals have a player that does something to signify the end of the game? But clearly they wouldn't do that. They're entirely too classy.

Nevermind that Mike Cameron has been untucking his whole career to honor his father and the team joined in this year.

And really, if the shirt untucking after a win concerns you that much, you know the surefire way to make sure it doesn't happen, right?

Need I remind you that Ryan Braun got beaned in the ribs/lower back (where he's been injured recently) last night because of a home run he hit earlier in the season? Is that class?

I'm not even condoning the perceived slight of Villanueva yelling into their dugout. I didn't see it, I was listening on the radio at that point, so I won't comment on what happened. Clearly the Cards thought there was a problem. Fine.

But I CANNOT STAND the ridiculousness that is this hypocrisy from the Cardinals. Last night they were so frustrated after their embarrassing 12-0 loss that they were throwing their helmets (see Glaus, Troy), barking at the umpire and generally acting childishly and that's acceptable behavior?

But don't take my word on how off this guy's blog post is, take this comment:

Bernie, I think it is important that you support the Cardinals but as reporter you need to get the facts straight. I am a Cardinals fan but I don’t like erroneous reporting. Your article indicates the “Cardinals say…Vallanueva pointed into their dugout.” Why didn’t you check the replay to verify if this was correct? As the overhead reply shows, Villanueva was excited and pumped his arms, but he did not point at the Cardinal dugout until after Pujols ran towards him and pointed his bat at him. After watching the replay and hearing Pujols postgame comments, he is coming off as very hypocritical and contradictory. Likewise, don’t throw stones at glass houses if you don’t like the way the opposing team runs the bases after homeruns when Pujols does the exact same thing. I love the Cardinals and the “homer” reporting you offer, I just beleive you need to get the facts before rendering an opinion.

— Ohio Fan 8:32 am August 28th, 2008

Wow! Where to start?
You are a man with more class than this.
I realize you are wearing the Cardinal colored glasses but let’s be honest, the Brewers are a better team right now.
Why follow that up with comparrisons to Ron Artest? Why get so petty about removing the jerseys after a win?
And was the action of Villanueva really that bad? No one would be talking about it if Albert didn’t react.
Don’t get caught up in the side show.
You look foolish when you talk about Tony winning the “coaching dual” against Yost when the season series is so lopsided.
The Brewers players have not gone in the stands and punched fans. They pump their fists and untuck their shirts.
Do you feel the same way about Tiger Woods when he makes a big putt?
Enjoy the game and the excitement that comes with it and let the players enjoy as well.

— jriley2 8:56 am August 28th, 2008

First off let me say I’m a Cards season ticket holder and lifelong Cards fan. But I have to agree with Ohio Fan. Look at the replay. Villanueva didn’t point at the Cards dugout until Pujols said something. In my opinion it appeared that Carlos was probably walking towards his catcher after getting him out of the jam. Pujols could have interpretted it as something else. After reading a lot of these blogs I feel that a lot of Cards fans come across as baseball snobs. I even realized it when I went to Miller Park in April to watch the birds play. (Thank God for Turnbow or we would have lost). The point was even there Cards fans were running their mouths claiming World Series in April that I was embarrassed to be there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much we can cream ourselves over the good comeback yesterday…the fact is the Brewers have owned us this year. Period. Maybe payback comes next year.

— BringBackSchoendienst 8:57 am August 28th, 2008 3

...Way to call out the Brewers for watching HR trots while Pujols is the most notorious offender not named Soriano in the game. But in your press release, er, interview of him, you so conveniently let him skirt that issue. — Governor14 9:05 am August 28th, 2008

...Albert you are seen by many as a class act in your profession. Stay that way. Stop feeling that others disrespect the game when they don’t If you are going to police the game, clean up your act, and the acts of your teammates before you start your crusade across baseball.

— MadisonWIBrewerfan 10:28 am August 28th, 2008

My theory on this goes thusly: We're the upstarts - the interlopers. The Cubs and the Cards have been the top of the heap in the NL Central for a very long time. They've had us very neatly put in our place and they were comfortable with us there. Now, suddenly, we've moved out of our perceived place and we've made the other two very unhappy and uncomfortable and there's backlash. People don't like it when their status quo is upset. They're slapped us around for so long and now we're no longer acting the doormat and they're upset. They feel entitled to be at the top of the division and we are messing with that.

In some ways, I can't blame the Cards. They have the third best record in baseball and they're 3.5 games out of the wildcard. Of course, they're frustrated. We took the season series, winning 10 of 15, most of them on the last at-bat.

The Brewers writer at Bugs and Cranks says we all "gots to chill":
You are supposed to be the embodiment of equanimity, Cards fan, because you’ve been here before. As of today, the greatest single accomplishment of the Brewers franchise was taking the Cardinals to seven games despite not having Rollie Fingers in 1982. You should feel good about that. You have no reason to feel threatened by a franchise that has watched October baseball from home every year since then, or to begrudge the long-suffering Brewers fan a few moments of joy.

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